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Fixed Wire Testing Services

Why you should let us carry out your next inspection.

Fixed Wire Testing Reports, otherwise known as an Electrical Condition Inspection Report (EICR), should be providing you with a snapshot of your sites electrical infrastructure condition.


However, in the 20 years, I've been in the industry, the standard of testing and quality of the certification provided can fluctuate greatly, putting you, your staff and customers at potential risk. 


How can this happen?


In simple terms, it's tough to tell a high-quality report from a poor quality report because they all look so similar if your not a qualified electrician.

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Pricing Plans

We at Ultimate believe that customers should have confidence in their testing company that the job will be carried out both safely and with minimal hassle to you.  We deliver this reassurance through our "Ultimate Compliance Delivery Program"

Take a look at the different plans we offer.  Choose the plan that you consider best suits your requirements and call us for the latest prices. Minimum orders required.


£8.00 / circuit*
  • Perfect for those companies that can demonstrate that all their electrical systems are monitored and maintained on a regular basis
  • All existing works will tend to be certified
  • Limited scope for more comprehensive testing due to production contraints
  • You may have an electrician on site who is certifying electrical works
  • *Pricing based on the number of circuits in the premises

BUSINESS 100 (Most Popular)

£ 12.00 / circuit
  • Those customers looking to ensure that their premises are safe. Companies have tended to have regular onsite maintenance but it's often not been certified. Testing is generally done at regular intervals.
  • Ideal for those customers where no previous testing has been carried out and a fresh start is required. tended to have regular onsite maintenance but it's often not been certified. Testing is generally done at regular intervals
  • Tended to have regular onsite maintenance but it's often not been certified. Testing is generally done at regular intervals
  • All circuits 100% tested and verified
  • Full Commercial Report Debrief


£ 14.00
  • Those customers are looking to get maximum value out of the testing process. Maintenance may have lapsed or testing not carried out at prescribed intervals.
  • Services as per the Business 100 plus these additions
  • Hazard removal with some minor repairs at time of testing
  • Unique personalised Video Debrief of Report
  • Distribution Board Schematic in DWG file format

Full quotation upon request.

All services are compliant with the Electricity at Work act 1989 and Guidance Note 3 of the IET Wiring Regulations

What our customers are saying:


Stewart McCrae

Director- Property Advisory Services Ltd

Steve is my first port of call when it comes to Fixed Wire Testing and electrical compliance matters. I've got a strong technical background in electrical engineering, but keeping up to date with best practice and the latest compliance requirements in an ever-changing industry can be a challenge at times. Their focus on electrical compliance as a core competency has been the key to there success.  It’s my recommendation to talk to Steve if you need any help with Fixed Wire Testing.


Rochelle Latham

Managing Director - Latham Smith

Pete from Ultimate is my ‘font of all knowledge for anything electrical’.  As a letting agent, I need an electrical contractor who is honest, reliable and cost-effective and I’ve found this rare combination with this great company.  My tenants get great service and my landlords get a good price and I get good service, pro-activity and feedback at every step.  I would certainly recommend Ultimate for all your electrical needs.  Thank you!


Jarard Cassem

Director - Quatrefoils

Steve was very helpful and provided an excellent service in arranging and carrying out Electrical Test Reports on a number of Schools for us. A big thanks to him and the team for their hard work.


Janet Whittaker

School Bursar - Christ Church Primary School

We have been with Ultimate for a number of years for electrical testing; it’s great to have a company that reminds you of the due dates and plans the work around the busy school life. I have always found the company friendly, helpful, reliable and competitively priced.


Mandy Walters

Purchasing Mgr - Nicholson McLaren Engines

I have known Ultimate for over six years and I can say that it has been a pleasure working with you. We are an engineering company as such we know what to expect from engineers who come to our site. Its sometimes not enough to be great technically and you are, you also have to retain a friendly and professional approach to the job and you do.
If you want people working on-site that can solve problems and quietly just get on with the job then I would thoroughly recommend them."


Sharon Griffiths

Facilities Manager - Roxburghe Plc

They supplied just what we needed and did not go overboard! I guess like a lot of companies, we went to the usual suspects for our Fixed Wire Testing.  When we spoke to Steve from Ultimate Compliance he spent time with me to get the right option for us.  I like the integrity of the company for not selling us services we don't really need.
If you want a company that just gives sound advice provides a sensible route to ensuring compliance at a good price than I would recommend them anytime.


Ian Rider

Facilities Manager - The Corporation of Trinity

We got recommended to ultimate by our M&E Consultants. Even though we had a previous certificate we wanted a clean start so we went for the business 100 service. we're very busy in the summer, but the service was well planned and there were no interruptions to our business. Very happy to recommend.


Malcolm Cooper

Facilities Manager - PGS Exploration Plc

Ultimate has been supplying electrical compliance work for the last seven years we have found them both very knowledgeable, reliable and easy to deal with.


John Pollard

Facilities Manager - Whiteley Village

As an electrician myself, I think I'm well placed to judge the quality of their work.
When the testing is complete, Steve often returns and personally runs through the results and checks the service has been delivered to my expectations a nice personal touch unusual for these days. Thanks, guys for all your hard work."

Our service is about delivering compliance in a consistent and trustworthy manner....

"Crystal Clear" No Short-Cuts Testing Process
Pricing Options To Suit
Super Experienced - Over 1000 Reports Carried Out
NEW * Unique Personalised Video Debrief.
Secure On-line Report Retrieval.
Engineers Paid for Quality Not Speed
Full Business Continuity Process - Site Risks Carefully Mitigated
Reminders of When You Next Test is Required -Stay Compliant
Personalised Commercial Debrief of the Report

Business Continuity

Building managers don't like surprises! Especially when it comes to using outside support services.

It should come as no surprise then to hear that the quality of your fixed wire testing certificate can come down to the competence of the engineer who carried out the inspection and the time allowed to carry out the inspection.


However, you may be surprised to know the varying approaches electrical contractors to take to deliver this service. 

As such, the importance of choosing a quality supplier should not be underestimated – given the problems that can happen on-site when electrical circuits are switched off unintentionally.

Our unique online  "Business Continuity Blueprint" will carefully take you through all the considerations required to ensure minimal disruption to your site services 

Looking for a stress free service with minimal disruption Call Us On 01483 789185

100% Guarantee

We promise the service you receive will be of the highest quality. If you're not totally satisfied with our fixed wire testing service, you won't pay. Simple. And just so you know if you do exercise this guarantee, you'll be the first to do so.

Steve Gubb, Co-Founder.


Want to learn more get all the common pitfalls when buying fixed wire testing services

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