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Electrical Safety Services

Our story started with our approach to delivering fixed wire testing services to our customers who have rightly wanted more service offerings.

So, now we bring the same ethos and rigour to other complimentary services

Services offered by our in-house team

  • PAT testing to be carried out to the latest regulations.
  • Carry out minor maintenance work to rectify and provide a test and provide proof of faulty items.
  • All items to be tagged and logged in an inventory test record (ITR).
  • All work to be carried out with minimal disruption.
  • Digital Report to include location, ID, description of equipment, all test details, visual test, pass/fail, date of next test and comments.
  • All failed items added to your site asset list for audit 
  • Access via your customer Portal

A load analysis verifies whether electrical systems are safe and efficient and that installations show no signs of overload or unusual spikes

Electrical equipment may degrade over time and you may notice:

  • Your electrical bills are higher
  • Equipment running hotter than usual
  • Motors may make strange noises, indicating a pending problem
  • Erratic and seemingly unrelated equipment failures throughout the building

As part of an electrical load analysis we will collect data on power quality, the quantity used and often harmonic data to identify and locate electrical problems in your building’s distribution system. This is done when:

  • Adding to an existing system
  • Verifying the amount of electricity consumed
  • As part of an investigation into:
  • over-load conditions
  • voltage drops
  • load imbalance between the phases
  • power factor
  • load profiles
  • harmonic distortion problems

Any of these issues can cause intermittent problems that can lead to strange equipment operations, unexpected failures and more.

Monitoring is done on the main conductors as well as the neutral and we follow proven engineering procedures to ensure the testing is non-intrusive, accurate and safe.

The duration depends on many factors including weather (air-conditioners are only used in the summer), production process and interaction between other equipment (i.e. heaters and ventilation motors).


Our goal is to capture any potential problems in the electrical system as your equipment is in use. Once the data has been gathered and collated for a loading profile, we will generate a report that includes:

  • Voltage and current
  • kW, kVAR and power factor
  • Harmonics (if required)
  • Events


Services provided by our partners

We use specific partners to provide these services with similar values and quality to our own. All the services are managed by us through our service desk.

  • Provide yearly Lightning protection system test
  • Meets British standards BS62305
  • Full defects report provided for remedy.

Electrical thermography is useful as there is no other preventive maintenance technology or technique that can identify defects such as poor connections, overloaded cables and faulty electrical equipment as safely and as quickly, whilst causing no interruption to the normal operation of your business.

  • Non-intrusive approach
  • UKTA Approved Thermographers -ISO184367 compliant
  • Full digital report of all findings
    • Where faults/anomalies are identified, an individual report page is produced providing a description of the fault, its severity and recommended remedial action.

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